The World Showcase Restaurants, Ranked From Worst to Best Place to Have A Girls’ Night Out.

Hey howdy hey, readers!

Fairy GodBlogger Kaitlyn here again with a scenario for you to consider.  It’s the dream: You’re out and about with your gal pals in Walt Disney World Resort.  You just checked into your bougie two-bedroom suite at the Boardwalk (okay, maybe you’re at All-Star Sports and one of you has to crash on the floor) and it’s off to Epcot you go for a night of fireworks, shopping, and above all—eating.  With so many great snacks at the World Showcase, you and your friends are seriously tempted to nosh on a German pretzel, grab a sushi roll in Japan, and top the night off with some of that seriously to-die-for caramelized apple ice cream from L’Artisan des Glaces.  Alas, tonight is not the night!  It’s your first night in Disney World and you gals are going to celebrate it with a boozy sit-down dinner before Illuminations.  So, the question remains… with 16 totally different Table Service dining experiences in Epcot’s World Showcase, which one will you choose for an unforgettable dinner with your girl gang?

Wonder no longer.  I’ve ranked them for you—from the worst to the best.


#16- Teppan Edo

Listen.  There’s nothing personal, Teppan Edo, because I know you’ve got great food and UGH my G-Big loves hibachi in the worst way.  And I’m not one to start rumors, but… you might be on your way outAccording to the DISboards, your reservations aren’t available online past June 6.  When people call the dining hotline, they’re told “reservations haven’t been released past June 6” and not given any more information.  Now, I get it—you’re not owned by Disney, and your contract has to be renewed every year, but with the hype surrounding upcoming Epcot changes (shout out to the new Ratatouille ride!  I’ll hit you up before I down three Grand Marnier Orange slushes), I wouldn’t be surprised if a new experience is taking over your sacred space.  Whomp-whomp.  You will be missed.

#15- Tutto Gusto

See above.  Tutto Italia reservations can’t be made past June 6, 2017 due to contractual obligations between Disney and the restaurant’s proprietors and we can’t have a girl’s night at a restaurant that doesn’t exist.  Obviously, both of you can’t be closing at the same time (or can you?), but if I gotta give the disclaimer to Teppan Edo, I gotta give it to you too.  Sorry.

Don’t worry-  everything else on this list is sticking around for the most part!

Unfortunately, that brings us to-

#14- Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and Princess Storybook Restaurant


Do you wanna know how many times my roommate has turned to me at 7 o’clock and said, “hey you know what I’m really in the mood for tn?  Some pickled mushrooms, a buffet table of cold fish, and some rice pudding.”  None.  Zero times.  If you want the #princesspics, go for breakfast where the food is 3000x more palatable.  Sorry if a plate of Norwegian meatballs and jellied eels is like, your thing—but can we agree that this isn’t the place for a girls night in Epcot?  Take fourteenth like a champ and know you’re far better off in the AM hours, Akershus.

#13- Tutto Italia

Okay Tutto Italia, it kind of breaks my heart to put you in thirteenth because you’re pretty cute in all your essence.  But here’s the tea—you serve heavy food (delicious, but heavy!) in an atmosphere that’s only so-so compared to the other restaurants on this list.  You’re great, but if Kerri throws up because she tried to eat a giant plate of lasagna in between our drink-around-the-world romp, she won’t be happy.  I still love you.  Sorry.

#12- Le Cellier Steakhouse

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “whaaaat?  How could Le Cellier waste away in the twelfth spot on this list?” Just hear me out for a second.  Le Cellier is one of the most expensive restaurants in Disney World.  Think about your squad.  Are they gonna be happy spending two hours of precious park time in a dark restaurant and having to pay for a $54 steak?  Hell no, especially since they want to get matching rose gold ears as soon as you dip from dinner.  Save Le Cellier for your next family trip so that mom and dad can pick up the tap.

#11- Monsieur Paul

See 12.  Don’t worry, another cute French restaurant snags a better spot on this list so not all is lost.

#10- Biergarten


Right, so let’s be honest with each other again.  I know that Biergarten seems like fun at first.  All you can drink beer in a fun group setting.  Unfortunately, it’s more likely than not your group is going to be seated next to a family of five with two six-year-olds and a three-year-old.  Not the five cuties of the band previously known as One Direction (four if you’re still mad at Z***).  Do you want Meg to have to censor the explicit details of her messy breakup with that Theta Chi while you down a plate of Sauerkraut?  No?  Grab a beer in Germany and keep walking.

#9- San Angel Inn

Confession:  I’m not a fan of the new San Angel Inn menu.  And the food is unfortunately no longer as consistent in quality as it used to be.  I know, super disappointing because Mexican food is the power move of the century, especially when it’s inside the cute af temple.  But an even better Mexican restaurant pops up later so hang tight!

#8- Nine Dragons

Within a college-aged circle of friends, Chinese food is always a pretty safe bet.  Here, you’ll find the staples: sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and some dumplings that were once featured on an Unwrapped special from way back when the Food Network was enjoyable.  An overlooked and often forgotten restaurant in the WS, it might get a higher rank on this list if there were more consistent reviews of it online.  Nine Dragons is the spot if literally nobody can decide on anything.  Or if you booked this vacation last week and couldn’t get into anywhere else.

#7- Spice Road Table


We’re starting to cook with gas here.  Spice Road Table is the go-to spot for a cheap bite.  Start your meal with hummus and pita and some really great drinks.  The only reason it’s not a little higher on the list is because you might have some members of the squad who aren’t as… uh, adventurous eaters as the rest of the squad.  I’m looking at you, Becky.

#6- Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh is the hotter cousin of Spice Road Table.  The menus are similar, but the belly dancers are so much fun and will have your wig completely flying.  It’s a unique, authentic experience that your friends will love.  Even if Becky will grumble about needing a Mickey pretzel before fireworks.  Get over it, Becky!  You can choose where we go tomorrow night.

#5- Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room

While the ambiance at Rose and Crown leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to the rest of the World Showcase Table Service Squad, there’s something for everything at Rose and Crown.  The menu is rounded out with burgers, steak, fish and chips, and other traditional English dishes.  Also, I would argue that they have one of the best bars in the World Showcase!  Go close to Illuminations for a picture perfect view.  Just be prepared for Jenna, she’s going to start off the evening by walking into the restaurant and saying “wow, this is so authentic,” which will segway into yet another three hour conversation about her semester in London.

#4- Tokyo Dining

Are you traveling with the GC that can’t seem to go a day without the “anyone down for *sashimi emoji* *shrimp emoji* tn????” text?   Tokyo Dining is a must-do for your trip.  Tokyo Dining has the most beautiful, intricate sushi rolls in Walt Disney World.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Disney Food Blog.  They even have entrees for the members of your party who don’t like sushi!  The prices are comparatively modest, but the ambiance is still a step up from your at-home sushi dig.  Or at the very least, it’s a step up from the fridge where you grab sushi from at your school’s caf.

#3- Chefs de France


Chefs de France will always hold a special spot in my heart, so I may be biased here.  But if you are seriously looking for a special way to spend an evening with your favorite girls in the world, Chefs de France is your spot.  The ~*~ gratin de macaroni ~*~ (fancy way of saying macaroni and cheese) is one of the best things there is to eat in the World Showcase.  Though Chefs de France isn’t the most economic choice on the list, it’s certainly the most gram-able with its chiq Paris Bistro atmosphere, nestled among the most beautiful country in the World Showcase.  If you’ve ever dreamed about sharing a bottle of wine with your best friends while you eat Crème brûlée and watch a fireworks show, let Chefs de France make your dreams come true for one unforgettable evening.

#2- Via Napoli


In the immortal words of April Ludgate, “Time is money.  Money is power.  Power is pizza.”  She was probably talking about Via Napoli pizza, which is the ultimate power move for a group of college students going to Walt Disney World.  Not only is Via Napoli pizza totally amazing and delicious, splitting a pie with the crew won’t break your bank.  If you ever want Angie to shut up about how great the pizza is in New Jersey, the margherita pie here could permanently silence her.  It’s also a known fact that the Italian CMs are the cutest in the World Showcase.  Via Napoli is a God among Table Service Restaurants, and only one restaurant keeps it from the prized #1 spot…

#1- La Hacienda de San Angel


Across the walkway from the temple in Mexico resides La Hacienda de San Angel, a relatively quiet but totally BANGING table service restaurant that dominates this list at #1.  Your evening starts with frozen margaritas (or a non-alcoholic juice beverage if you don’t drink or the designated Sober Sister has already cut you off) and a tortilla chip service that has the worlds greatest salsa verde.  The rest of the night is your move, and with La Hacienda, every move is the right move.  Your best friend who doesn’t shut up about queso?  She’ll never bug you to go on a ‘doba run with her again after she tries the seriously amazing queso here.  Your little who has never eaten a taco before?  Well it’s all she’s ever going to eat again once she tries the shrimp tacos here.  There is simply no greater food in the World Showcase than La Hacienda de San Angel, and it’s served to you on ceramic plates with the most remarkable view of the World Showcase Lagoon.  It’s the one restaurant that everybody should eat at once, and the one restaurant that takes the top spot on this list.  Grab your girlies and head on over the the Mexico pavilion where the most fun, most delicious restaurant awaits you.

Now that you’ve heard our list, all of us at Fairy GodBloggers want to know– where do you think the ultimate girls night spot in the World Showcase is?  Comment down below and maybe we’ll feature you next week.

Peace, love, and Mickey Premiums

-Fairy GodBlogger Kaitlyn


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