Character Autographs: All You Need to Know!

Hey there and welcome back to character corner!

My name is Apple, I’ll be posting every other Saturday, alternating with Cass. Let me give you some background before we get started; I’m a Fall 2016 entertainment costuming alumni for parades and shows, so I know a thing or two about characters!

Now that we’ve gotten through that, let’s go on with this weeks topic; a simple one that’s always worth mentioning: Character autographs!

Did you know that every single character in the parks has an autograph? Even ones that don’t sign or don’t even have hands (such as Nemo, Marlin, and Dory)! They all have very specific autographs. If they exist in the park, they have a signature!

Here’s just a small list of some characters that don’t sign, that you’ll see often in the parks:

-All characters at Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

-Buzz Lightyear

-Jack Skellington and Sally

-Nick and Judy from Zootopia



Now, like I said, all these characters do have actual signatures, but for various reasons they do not sign.

Jack & Sally and Nick & Judy don’t sign because their lines would be double the wait time if they did. You won’t go home empty handed though, as you’ll be given a card with their signature on it. The same usually goes for Olaf, but on days where he feels creative, you’ll find him drawing a little portrait of himself for you.

Back when I was in costuming, we got a special costuming bag as a gift. It was canvas and we had every character we worked with sign it. I got some really awesome, rare signatures like Doctor Strange and Indiana Jones!

(Note: Maui signature not official. A friend from costuming drew it.)

Those two are perfect examples of characters who are clearly able to sign but don’t. They are both special show characters, so while they have a signature, you’ll probably never get it at WDW.

Character autographs are also a fun way to remember your Disney trip! Many College Program participants love to get canvases to commemorate their program. Get creative with things to autograph, but do know they will not sign everything. It varies based on character, but think it through before you haul it to the parks. If it seems a little odd, then its probably a no-go!

Here are just a few simple things you can use and personalize:

-A homemade autograph book

-Drawings of each character

-A Polaroid of you with the character/ just the character

-A storybook with various disney stories; you can have each character sign their own storybook page

-A t-shirt (just make sure you’re not wearing it when you want an autograph!)

-A canvas bag

-A Vinylmation

-A Pair of Ears

Make sure that when you go to get an autograph you’re prepared with markers/pens!

Well that’s all for me this time! See you in a couple of weeks and have fun collecting those autographs!

-Fairy God Blogger Apple


2 thoughts on “Character Autographs: All You Need to Know!

  1. noora says:

    I would suggest getting a book/t-shirt/costume for the day from a local walmart before entering the park! Saves a ton and the kids are excited how much they can get since they’re saving us money 😉


  2. J says:

    I’d love to hear more about the costuming program
    in the future! I didn’t know there was any kind of costuming internship and I have a lot of friends in design who would be very interested in knowing more!


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